P U R C H A S E 




Are you interested in purchasing one of my works? I’m very pleased with your intention and the fact that you like my kind of art. Basically, you can buy my paintings and drawings directly from me as an artist or through a gallery, both online and offline. In addition, there is the possibility to commission me with a work according to your ideas (commission work).  Please let me explain the different variants below:

O N L I N E   G A L L E R I E S  


I am represented on the Internet by the most well-known and world-leading art galleries, by the highly competent market leader SAATCHI ART in Los Angeles (USA), by the ambitious startup SINGULART in Paris (France) with European and Asian focus and generous support from the French Ministery Of Culture, and by the British ARTFINDER in London (Great Britain). Interesting to know: These Internet galleries are now selling more paintings in a few days than even large well-known galleries in the field realize in a whole year. Although we talk about quality and not quantity, it remains to be noted that the 21st century has also found its way into the visual arts. The purchase of paintings over the Internet via a serious Internet gallery is almost standard today.

My three Internet galleries are very reliable, have a really good name both on and offline and are serious in their dealings. They all offer very convenient conditions for art collectors who want to buy one of my paintings, but at the same time attach great importance to a full service and maximum security when buying: serious and competent art advice, for you absolutely secure Paypal payment, money back-guarantee for 7 days (at Saatchi Art and Singulart) or longer (Artfinder), complete handling of the transport, transport insurance and a fast and safe delivery. If you intend to purchase one of my works via Saatchi Art, Singulart or Artfinder and need help, please let me know. I would be glad to help you. For an overview of the available paintings and their prices, I refer to my respective portfolio at:

Saatchi Art: www.SAATCHIART.com

Singulart: www.SINGULART.com

Artfinder: www.ARTFINDER.com




Of course, it is also possible to buy one of my works directly from me, either offline or via mail without Saatchi Art, Artfinder or Singulart. I like to call you the corresponding sales prices for the paintings on request (please consider this – I quote Neo Rauch – : The appreciation of the art lover towards the painter and his work is reflected in the price, which he is willing to pay). There is the possibility of a visit to the studio and an intensive appraisal of the respective work. For paintings that are in exhibitions at the time of your purchase request, I like to contact my gallerists. Basically, I ship worldwide. Delivery conditions on request. All paintings are transported in a specially made, safe wooden packaging and insured.


Q U A L I T Y   A N D   D E L I V E R Y


All paintings bear my signature on the front and are again signed, titled and dated on the back and have a signed original certificate from me (Certificate of Origin, important for the increase in value and a possible subsequent resale). I use only oil and acrylic paints, canvases and wooden stretcher frames in professional museum quality and from brand manufacturers. Most of my paintings are accompanied by poems, each of which I wrote especially for the piece and which are understood as an additional part of the artwork. In any case, each buyer receives a comprehensive cover letter (in German or English), in which I go into the creative process of the painting and explain my associations. The sides of the canvases are usually not part of my work and show the bare, white or black canvas fabric with a few speckles of paint (as it is also standard for professional painting). All paintings can be hung immediately (ready to hang) and do not require any further surface treatment or framing (whereby framing is basically possible, but purely optional and a matter of taste).

To delivery: Do not worry, I have experience in shipping my works worldwide. The painting is professionally packed and transported safely. Each of my paintings receives a package made of acid-free paper (with special edge protection made of cardboard), plastic wrap (to protect against dust, moisture and odor), bubble wrap and foam boards. Thus prepared, the painting is packed in a wooden crate (stable and specially made to the dimensions of the piece) and quickly transported to you by a reputable carrier, usually within a few days.


C O M M I S S I O N   W O R K S


Would you like to hire me for a job according to your ideas? With pleasure. Commissioned works in the field of paintings and drawings (including illustrations) are also part of my repertoire, as long as I agree with the client in terms of theme and artistic freedom in implementation and execution. You can contact me directly with your order request or to my agents at SAATCHI ART or SINGULART, both of whom have a great experience in arranging and processing collector requests and with whom I have already worked very successfully in the field of commission work. I can make paintings in any, even unusual sizes. I am particularly interested in very large, and also oversized works. This does not necessarily have to be on canvas, other surfaces such as building walls are conceivable. One more note: I am not tied to my studio and I am also available for large painting projects according to collector wishes that are to be realized on site anywhere in the world. Please approach me with your ideas.