The painting project “LET US BELIEVE IN MIRACLE” (in Russian: ДАВАЙТЕ ВЕРИТЬ В ЧУДЕСА) deals with the theme “Creed”. Why? Religious faith is a phenomenon that accompanied mankind from the beginning. It is faith and nothing else that brings light and sense when natural scientific explanations collapse. Creed is power and a source for a deep strength. In that context it is possible that miracles become true, regardless if it’s only a subjective impression or a more than less real event. Creed and painting had a lot of cooperation and conflicts over the intervening centuries. Painting can confront, with or without a deep religious reference; painting can be an illustration or a discourse in matters of creed. However, the relation between religion and painting was never stressless.

I want to pick up these points of friction by a painting project. Additionally, I want to pronounce the deep relation between religion and painting by focusing on two large Christian communities of faith. On the one hand the traditional world of iconography and symbolism of the Eastern Churches (in this project: the Russian Orthodox Church), on the other hand the Western Churches (Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Church) with their different and often more prosaic picture understanding. The diverse standpoints in terms of illustration and presentation are very interesting. The common Holy Bible forms the Christian project background and is the starting point for the artistic dialogue. My project centers all these religious (or religious influenced) picture worlds: the differences and the common grounds in matters of the visual presentation of the protagonists and the Bible’s stories. The concept is already elaborated, please have a look at the following link that describes the detailed project outline (in German). In that context a teamwork with an icon painter also would be possible and interesting. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.