I have a tendency in me to arrange my paintings in specific series. A fact that is meaningful particulary for my more recent works. The categorization happens with regards to content (series “HOME“), with reference to the colour (series “SUBZERO“) or as a mix of content and colour (series “INNOCENCE“). It is fascinating that the thematic concentration generates – in some cases – a clearer or surprisingly different message. The cooperation and the comparison (can) change the perspective(s).

Notes: of course only the works with a thematic reference are part of a specific series but not all of my paintings. I’m no conceptual artist and so it isn’t mandatory for me that the paintings are part of a series. It doesn’t matter during the creative painting process, the painting is just a solitaire at this time. The question of a possible series classification comes up after the finishing. So please look at the PAINTING GALLERY for my complete oeuvre. And last but not least: a few paintings partake in more than only one series because we can look at them in different ways and than get back diverse messages.