My paintings on canvas are the centerpiece of my art. I prefer the large format and a clear, concise visual language. So far, over 450 paintings have been created in this way. Large formats give me – equally mentally, emotionally and physically – the creative space and freedom that I need for my inspiration and for the artistic execution.  It is a search for the archaic, timeless in our senses, for what is original and unaffected, non-manipulated by an intellectual or social superstructure. The core without the shell, what is left when the mist of misleading norms and values ​​clears. Ultimately, there is no reality except our own perception. We alone are the source of reality. And we carry countless dramas in us that are worth telling. That’s why my paintings are (also) stories.

I find the source for my inspiration – often already the motive – in me. Spontaneous action is the key, my dominant method. In most cases, I act intuitively and without previous sketches. It must be rough, feel original, melancholic and dark, and at the same time bright, poetic, clear and full of hope. No maybe, no lukewarm. Exactly that’s my way of painting.

Mostly I work with oil and acrylic colors in mixed technique and on canvas in cotton or linen fabric. Only occasionally I deal with other painting surfaces like wood or handmade paper. I mainly work from the dark to the light, mix the colors on the canvas and use a powerful, high-contrast color palette. Especially red, blue and yellow have a vital meaning in my paintings.