My canvas paintings are the core of my artwork. I`ve created more than 500 paintings on canvas to date. I prefer the large-sized format because it gives me – mentally and physically – the creative space that I need for my inspiration and transformations. I’m in search of the archaic timeless sensations and of what is original and non-manipulated by an intellectual or social superstructure. The core without a peel, what will stay when the fog of false values and norms lifts. In the end there’s no real truth besides the own perception. Only we are the root and the beginning of reality and we carry countless tales in us to be worth the narration. That’s why my paintings are (also) stories.

“I find the source for my inspiration – often also the motifs – inside me. Spontaneity is the key, my dominant method. I act intuitively and in most cases without any anterior outlines. It has to be brute, melancholic, dark and at the same time it should be also bright, poetic, clear and full of hope. No maybe, no lukewarm. Exactly that’s my way of painting.”

In most cases I use oil and acrylic colours on canvas and in mixing techniques (only very seldom I deal with different subsurfaces like wood or handmade paper). I principally work from dark to lightness, mix the colours on the canvas first and act with a powerful, high-contrast palette. Black, red, blue and grey shades have a vital importance in my paintings.






HERBST ÜBER WALHALL. VALHALL IN AUTUMN. 2013. 150 x 120 cm. oil/acrylic on canvas

acrylic and oil on canvas
150 x 120 x 2 cm

In Norse Mythology Valhall (Old Norse: hall of the slain) is a majestic hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Valkyries choose the bravest dead men at the battlefield, called Einherjar, and lead them to Valhall. Here they prepare to aid Odin during the last eternal battle at the end of all times (Ragnarök).