My paintings, the core of my artistic works. I created more than 150 paintings on canvas to date. I prefer the large-sized format because it gives me the creative space, mentally and physically, that I need for my inspiration and transformations. I search in this serial of the archaic timeless sensations and of what is original and non-manipulated by an intellectual or social superstructure. The core without a peel, what will stay when the fog of false values and norms lifts. In the end there’s no real truth besides the own perception. Only we are the root and the beginning of reality, and we carry countless tales in us to be worth the narration. That’s why my paintings are (also) stories.

In most cases I use oil and acrylic colours on canvas and in mixing techniques, only seldom I deal in this serial with different subsurfaces like handmade paper. I principally work from dark to lightness, mix the colours on the canvas first and act with a powerful, high-contrast palette. Black, red, blue and grey shades have a vital importance in my paintings and stand for the credo: be cold, be hot, but not only lukewarm.